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HEX file for project


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i thought that someone has read the pic and has it  ;D

Who knows? It may have code protection so even if you bought the kit, you wouldn't be able to copy it.

It's probably copyrighted anyway, in which case posting it would be against the forum rules: no copyrighted material, unless the owner has given permission to use it on the forum.

I dislike kits like this. Not giving the source code defeats the most important point of building a kit which is to learn things so a HEX file or a pre-programmed PIC is not acceptable without the source code.

Why don't you write your own code for it?

If you want to learn, then surely that's the best thing to do. You could then post it on the forum so other people can use it.

Another thing I've noticed is it uses an LM311 as an oscillator when perhaps they should've used a PIC with a built-in comparator.
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I hate this type of kits too. They try to maximize they're profit by making you buy another preprogrammed PIC if something happens to the one in the kit.
They also have Do It Yourself in the name of the site, it should be Buy It Yourself.

I will try to write one my self, see what comes out ;D

And if my topic somehow infringes some copyrights , i will ask a moderator to delete it.

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