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bjt / jfet / mosfet as input in audio amplifier


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Hello all.
I am trying to design a low power guitar amplifier using only BJTs. Since the output impedance of a guitar is high, I was thinking of using a jfet instead of a bjt as the first stage. The problem is, I have no experience with fets and I do not know what to use.
I have read in several fora that jfets as descrete parts are becoming obsolete and being replaced by mosfets. Why is that?
The thing is, I am afraid of the mosfets' electrostatic sensitivity (and, being the first part to the amp, it could prove disastrous).
Any thoughts?
By the way, I would like someone to propose me a jfet model to use. It should be a classic, and easy to find in Europe. Something small signal, general purpose. Basically the BC548 equivalent of jfets  :D

What is your experience/opinion on the following:


Thank you in advance.

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