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TA2024 Amplifier


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Look in Google. Tripath went bankrupt over 3 years ago. Their class-T amplifier ICs were low power and never worked very well.

The TA2024 amplifier cannot drive a load as low as 2.6 ohms. Its output into 4 ohms is only 9W with very low distortion or 11W with higher clipping distortion.

Your enclosure might not have enough internal space (internal volume) for 6 speakers. Then it will not produce bass frequencies.

You might not notice the small output power difference of 9W into two 8 ohm speakers in parallel or 5.5W into a single 8 ohm speaker.

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Its a bad idea to connect speakers in series because it reduces the damping factor.

The datasheet doesn't actually say that the minimum load impedance is 4Ω but this can be gleamed from the fact that: it's not specified at a lower impedance, the efficiency and THD are  poorer with a 4Ω load than an 8Ω load, imagine how bad they'll be with a 2.6Ω load.

The TA2024 has a lower output power than the TDA8920 so if you bought the wrong IC if you want it to be any louder.

The advantage of Tripath being defunct is that the part is likely to hold it's value so you won't loose much if you sell it in five years time; you make even make a a small profit.

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