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Sata toUSB Converter

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Hello everybody ...
Am new here and this is my first post ...

I have a request ... an idea of a project if anyone is interested in providing ...

I have a 2.5' Sata HDD that I took out of a defective laptop .. and I want to build the Sata to USB converter myself to be able to use that HDD as an external HDD ...

So .. the project for those who are able is ... to design the schematic and PCB of a Sata to USB Converter to use a 2.5' Sata HDD as an external HDD ...

Am waiting for your thoughts and support ...

PS. am not qualified to do this project .. so I need you guyz ...

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Sadly I wasn't born like you .. an electro guru guy .... I guess you never needed to start a project and study it step by step to learn from it ... good for you ..

Sadly also .. am not as cliver as you are ... you see I couldn't understand that buying a USB to Sata encluser is very cheap ... I needed you to understand that ...

Please read carefully what people type .. and if you do not wanna help then just ignore it .. people are not in that great need for guyz like you ...

Thank you ..

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It's more economical to buy it than to make it yourself.

I'm being helpful by saying this is not a feasible project.

If someone here did go to the trouble of designing such a project for you, you wouldn't learn much because the best way to learn is to design yourself. Copying someone else's design which you don't fully understand doesn't teach you much.

Here's a link to a product which will do what you want.

If you don't have much experience and want to learn then start with a simpler project such as a quiz buzzer or a clock.

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Hero is right. This project would be difficult and expensive.
Besides that:
In my opinion it is not very satisfying to build a 200$ SATA2USB bridge that does the same as a 20$ Adapter from ebay. Invent something new. ;)

Theoretically you would need an SiI5923 Storage Processor, an USB3250 PHY and at least an ARM7 CPU to keep them working together. The Software for this would be eeextremly complicated. Really...think of an easier project. ;)

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