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My own PSU-PCB (30 VDC / 0.002-3 A PSU REV2) [WIP]

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I am currently in the progress of routing my own PCB for the 30 VDC / 0.002-3 A PSU REV2.
I started this topic to share my progress on this project with you.

One might ask "Why creating a new PCB Layout? PCBs are already available?".
Well to answer this question you got to know that I am working in the electrical design department of a company that develops and sells naval navigation and integrated ship bridge systems. Sadly I am no PCB-Designer yet, tho I am striving to become one, one day. Anyway, most of my hobbyist projects were started to learn more about PCB Design. Hence I do design all the boards for my projects myself.

On with the show:

First I got a few 3D pictures of my board. I know the model shapes used are really basic, but yeah they got the job done for me. I personally decided that I do not need more detailed 3D models.

20101130001039.th.jpg 20101130001249.th.jpg 20101130001305.th.jpg

In case you are wondering: I managed to fit two of the PSUs onto a standard eurosized PCB (160mm x 100mm).


WARNING: My layout is not tested or proven to work and might need testing and or further improvements. I included the gerber files so you can take a look at my design, in case you are interested.

LP0002_SCHEMATIC.pdf --> http://www.mediafire.com/?3wa764al7b8s11m

LP0002_GERBER.zip --> http://www.mediafire.com/?jh5ifsdloz0y4w3

If you find anything odd or got any suggestions on my layout you're welcome.

Keep in mind this is only my 3rd layout done ever.

All tracks are 1mm in width. which should be enough to transport 3 Amps of current.

Cheers from Germany,

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Hi Leech,
I think a pcb track of only 1mm is much too small for 3A at low loss. It should be 3mm to 5mm.
Your narrow tracks probably will not burn out but their resistance will probably cause poor voltage regulation.

Please attach your files here to your replies. ImageShack takes all day to wake up and MediaFire has many popups and does not show your schematic anywhere.

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Sorry about the popups. I usually use some ad blocking meassures (like Adblock+ or Proxomitron) to get rid of ads. So I didn't even notice the pop up infestation of that page. I will re-upload the files once i get my main PC back to work (currently using my gaming PC).

Um ... I recon that not all tracks need to be 3-5 mm in width.
I think the tracks connected to the collectors / emitters of the 2N 3055 transistors for sure and and pretty much ever track connected to the output connector and also every track regarding the connector through which I want to connect the big filter caps (12.000


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Thanks for attaching your schematic here.
The widened tracks on the PCB are good.
It is too bad that you changed many of the parts identification numbers since the original Q3 is your T1.

I notice that you have the collector and emitter of your transistor T1 connected backwards.

Thanks for the hint regarding Q3. That sure saved me a lot of trouble.
I revised my schematic so that the ref names of the components in the schematic are matching the original schematic.
Also it should be a little more easy to read it now as I used bigger font sized in most places.

I also worked hard and redesigned the whole PCB (not fully done yet) but here is my progress (see attached files).

The Transistor Q3 is still connected the other way around in the PCB, in case you wonder. Gonna fix that tomorrow. Also might put a bit more thought into the track widths. The thick one is 5mm and the traces branching from the thick one are either 2 mm or 1 mm.

Anyway it's pretty late and i need to get up in 4 hours.

Good night,

Updated the schematic for even better readability.




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