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Question about CMOS ICs, specifically 4516B - presettable up/down counter.

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I have an ECG 4516B, made by Philips. I have thus far been unable to find any information about that specific component, but have found lots of information about other 4516Bs. So I guess I have two questions here.

Does the prefix matter when looking for an IC, or are the 4516Bs all the same on the inside?


Can anyone tell me where to find a datasheet for this particular device?


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I get datasheets from www.datasheetarchive.com where I can select a datasheet from many manufacturers.
I usually look at the datasheet of the manufacturer who invented the IC because their datasheet has the most details.

RCA invented Cmos. Then Harris bought RCA's Cmos division then Texas Instruments bought Harris. The datasheets from Texas Instruments have details (like output current vs supply voltage) that no other manufacturer shows.

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