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Too many SPAMMERS here


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Why does this site allow a new member (a SPAMMER) to post many threads or many replies to old threads?

This morning I received e-mail notices of many replies to very old threads. They were all from one new SPAMMER who deleted all his replies.

The Most Recent Topics index is jammed full of SPAM from one person or robot.

Simply limit a new member to reply to or start only a couple of threads. 

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I don't know ask mixos?

I've just check the bin, 300 threads by the same spammer!

To be honest I wouldn't have bothered to delete them even if I saw them - I do have a life away from moderating this forum.

There should be a limit on posting, perhaps 10 threads per day, three consecutive posts per thread, one post per minute and 100 posts per day.

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