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high precise Temperature sensor


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Hello friends
my expert friends I hope you have good day . in some months ago i made a project for sensing ambient  temperature with PIC micro controller and sensor was DS1820 and show at  2*16 character LCD.
you can see scheme in this attachments.

but i now looking for high precise temperature sensor that can sense in thousandth degree in centigrade.

can you introduce me a high precise temperature sensor?? or you think  i should use DS1820 but change program?



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A generic platinum RTD with get you a 100th of the way there for about $100.

There are also precision thermistors that are about as accurate for about the same price.

A metrology grade platinum RTD will get you a 10th of the way there for about $600.

I assume you already have signal conditioning hardware that's every bit as accurate?

Your pockets must be deeper than mine. I'd stop at $50 and 0.25

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