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Home made CNC machine

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   I have been reading about making my own cnc machines for years and slowly I have been saving different parts, saving different designs. and reading just about anything about it.
  So here is what I got.
    The actual machine   idea.
 The whole thing is only about 10 inches wide bt 12 inches deep and maybe 14 inches high. Small but should be able to handle a 5" by 7" PCB

    The control board.

The board was easy to make, took a little time but it turned out nice except the layout for the transistors were a little tight for the heat sinks I have, will have to make  aluminum sinks for it. The board has its own logic testing circuit built in so testing my work was easy.

Stepper Motors are KP4M4-001,  Stepper Motors used in old 5 1/4 disk drives. I am using them because there is plenty of info on the net about them

The actual drill is a small dreamel clone I got for 10 bucks.

The software.  (free software )

   I built  a computer set-up for the linux emc software. I made the control board.
I just got the rods and bearings this week. ordered them from
http://www.mcmaster.com/# , prices were more then fair and shipping was fast.

  Next is building the frame. I will use furniture  grade plywood. 11 or 13 layer birch.

  Hopefully in a week or two I will have a picture to show off my work
have fun

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