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Does this product make sense?

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and was hoping I could get some electronics / business advice.

I'm a mechanical engineer who tinkers in electronics all the time for work and for hobbies.  Many of my circuits end up in cars, so I'm usually pretty careful about wiring and enclosing the board.  In order to save time and improve quality and appearance, I took my two most common enclosures and designed protoboards that fit perfectly and screwed down to the plastic bosses.  I now use these for 90% of my electronics prototypes.

So, a few months ago I thought, "Hmm...this might actually be a good idea for a product!"  I ordered some more stock, built a website, and started a google adwords campaign.  After spending almost $1000 bucks, I got a total of zero orders.  Looking back, I realized I never really asked anyone else if they thought this was a good idea.  Can anyone please tell me if they think this idea is: great, dumb, no value, tiny value, I'd never buy that, I wish I could buy that etc...?  Please be honest, I greatly appreciate the time and help.

I hope nobody sees this as an attempt at free advertising.  For that reason, I'm not including a link to the site, only a picture of a kit.  If this business idea does end up working out, I'd be happy to work out a bunch of group buys or sell to this forum at cost for the help.

Thanks in advance!




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I remember Tandy (RadioShack in the UK) used to sell this kind of thing 16 years ago and it was really expensiver for what it was. Nowadays (the UK division whent bust) RadioShack only operate in the US and no longer sell that kind of thing.

My advice is try to recover the money you've lost by selling your stock on ebay and give it up as a bad job.

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Things tend to be cheaper in bulk.

Tandy was very expensive, much more so than any other supplier at the time.

The hobbyist market has all but gone since electronic items became cheaper to buy ready made than build them. Fortunatly as you know there are still a few people who like building things, either purely for fun or because they can make custom designs which can't be bought off the shelf.

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