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Spinning LED Display


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We're making a spinning LED display which consists of 8 LEDs connected to a spinning arm on a DC motor, the LEDs are connected to a PIC16F88 microcontoller with an optical sensor triggering every revolution. The idea is the LEDs will flash on and off while the arm spins to provide an image, we need some help with the programming to set the sequences for the LEDs to light, can anyone help?

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hello Iwilliams
There is a couple of spinning led displays on the net here is one

I would use only 7 leds instead of 8 because of bcd to 7 segment conversion is much easier http://www.ece.mtu.edu/ee/faculty/gearcher/EElabs/EE2304/pages/week_4_bcd_to_seven_segment.html
looks like fun, I would help but right now I got three projects going and I would really like to get at lest one done before I start into another one.
have fun

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