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Electromagnetic application on hardware project

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hi guys..i have this project propose by my lecturer,he want us to make a electromagnetic application on hardware project that will be use for motorcycle security. This security in term of speed security or to prevent it stolen. He want those concept to be apply onto one of the handle either brake or the fuel of the motorcycle. Honestly i didn't have any idea how to apply the electromagnetic concept to the handle or the braking system or the fuel security. I hope u guys give me the idea what project should i do..thanks a lot guys.

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How about if we apply the EMT concept to the braking system?Is it ok guys?The idea is to control the speed of the motorcycle when it reaching the speed limit. When it reach the speed limit it will automatically turn ON the braking system by slowing it down. In this project, I plan want to use 12V DC motor as a replica of the motorcycle travelling over the speed limit. The brake I want to solenoid, because solenoid use EMT concept. To turn ON the solenoid I want to use timer to turn it ON, which is the timer connected to the 12V DC motor. Please correct me guys if what I said is wrong, any critics and idea is welcome..thanks guys.

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I'd be very careful if I were you, playing with the braking system is not a good idea: if your project goes wrong it could cause an accident.

There are practical problems too: the breaks will wear down very quickly and fuel consumption sky-rocket. You'd be better off cutting power to the engine but even that can be dangerous if it goes wrong.

The project is theoretically very simple, count the number of revolutionsover a fixed period of time using an encoder and apply the break or cut the engine power if it exceeds a certain limit. A single microcontroller could be used or a counter IC with some logic gates. It's just a bad idea for safety reasons.

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