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950 watts at 12V using 80 AA batteries


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I'm working on a science project for the teenager and am wondering if it will fly.  Any advice appreciated.

I need to generate 950 watts for 8-10 minutes.  The only power source allowed are AA batteries.  I was thinking of using 80 AA batteries, connecting 10 per series using Philmore battery holders.  Then connect 8 of these 10-packs in parallel.

Using (80) 2000-mAh NIMH batteries I would get approximately 16Ah.  950 watts draws about 80-amps.  I've measured the peak draw at under 1000 amps when the device first starts up.

I will connect this to an Inverter, probably going with 1500-watt inverter though I'm tempted to buy an 1100-watt inverter to save money, but the 1500-watt inverter useful for future projects.  I am going to use #4 wire connected to a 150-amp fuse between the battery and inverter just to be safe. 

I am hoping the voltage drop won't be below what the inverter needs after the inverter efficiency hit, but I have measured my individual cells running at 1amp draw on a full charge to run between 1.25V to 1.3V, so hopefully 10x in series will give me above 12V for the 8-10 minutes I need when all 80 are used.

I will use #4 wire between the (8) battery packs.

Am I delusional?  It doesn't have to be production grade, just function once for a single science fair demo.  Can the battery packs handle the current or will I melt the plastic?  Can the metal interconnects carry the current when combined in this way?

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It's possible but is a silly idea.

You need to be very careful when connecting batteries in parallel because they need to be balanced to ensure each cell has the same level of charge.

You should use a large lead acid battery which will work out cheaper. If it really needs to be compact use four large lithium ion cells in series but you need a special charger.

If you must use standard small batteries then use C or D cells which can be found in capacities of up to 5Ah and 10Ah respectively but be careful to check the capacity as some cheap C/D cells are smaller cells with extra packing.

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