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can someone help me to design a blinking LED's which contain 6 branches which has the following numbers of LEDs for each branch:

    1st branch = 13 LEDs
    2nd branch = 10 LEDs
    3rd = 8 LEDs
    4th = 12 LEDs
    5th = 5 LEDs
    6th = 14LEDs

i try to use a astable 555 timer but the intensity of the output of the light are not equal for eacg branches.., attached here is a "livewire" file that i used for simulation.... tnx for response if any..., tnx.., good day


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Why have you got a battery with the voltage set to 0V wired in series with a 24V battery?

The intensity of the LEDs is not the same because the current flowing through them is different. Google for the formula to calculate the series resistor for the forward current you desire.

The 555 timer has a maximum voltage of 15V to 18V depending on whether it's TTL or CMOS so won't last very long running off 24V. You could use a voltate regulator to power the 555 but that would mean it couldn't switch the PNP transistor off.  There are other circuits which can flash LEDs alternately and can be powered directly off 24V, e.g. an astable multivibrator built from a couple of transistors, see Wikipedia lnk below.

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