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Need datasheet for ali M3501 and ---

Guest abu-ahmed

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Care to provide more information?

What do they look like? Do you have a picture?

My guess is they're power transistors, just replace the M with 2N and Google, see example linked below:

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Thank you Mr.Hero999 for reply
The chip M3351 is ALi IC ,not transistor and searched for datasheet for M3351,all
information i find is one page datasheet and it is general description and Features, no pin
configurations,no DC characteristics ,the picture and the description are below,
the link below is for this one page datasheet ,i thing the full datasheet can found in
Chinese forum or Russian forum that i can't reading these languages.


ALi M3351
High integration SoC Solution for DVD player
Support Progressive Scan
MPE G layer I / I I , Dolby Digital, DT S Audio decoding
Support JPE G decoding for Picture CD
Built-in Audio processor for K araoke and Cinema-E ffect
processing system

The others (M3300) and (M3501) are the same working as M3351 but there is some think deffer and i have not any information about it .
These  IC's is used in DVDs ,STB,...etc.


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