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Need Suggestion for replacing Capacitors

Guest Digonto

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Guest Digonto

Can I replace this below 3n3 1200V Capacitor


With this below 272J 1600V capacitor ??


Actually this 3n3 1200V is a capacitor of a CFL bulb . You know that - It is frequently used between two filaments of CFL bulb for creating 600 or more volts to heat filament .

Now - can I replace this 3n3 1200V Capacitor with this 272J 1600V Capacitor  shown in above picture or any high voltage Capacitor like 2KV ? Will this 272J 1600V or 2KV do harm to Filament or circuit ??

Plz reply ........

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The capacitor doesn't actually increase the voltage, it just allows current through the filaments which heats them up to help initiate the discharge. Once the arc has struck the voltage and frequency falls (the Royer converter circuit normally used to power fluorescent tubes will produce a hitgher frequency unloaded than when loaded) so less current passes through the filaments and their temperature is maintained by the arc.

The voltage is obviously not a problem, though the smaller value might be. All I can say is give it a go, nothing bad will happen, the tube just might not start so easily.

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Guest Digonto

Thanks Hero . I was in confusion - will it damage the filament or not !?!? If it damage the Filament then I have to show cause to my friend because previously I have said to him that - Filament is OK and it could be repair . Thanks a lot hero for your discussion . Now I can go for a try .......

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