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I Need To Block Phone Calls

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I am really annoyed at all the phone solicitation and would like to be able to hook up a device between my phone and the jack that would allow me to input numbers by keypad and store them and when a phone call comes in, the device would check the numbers on a chip to the number that just called for a match and stop the phone from ringing.
My phone only allows for 20 blocked calls and there are so many more I need to block.
Thanks for the help. Anyone who comes up with the circuit should win the Nobel Peace and Quiet Prize. ;D

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Good luck with that, caller Id  or answering machine, if you don't pick up the phone and leave it up for at lest for a minute the caller isn't charged, so when I am around and a auto teller market calls I pick up the phone and sit it on the counter untill the phone starts to beeb. That way the caller is charged for the call. eventualy they will run out of money and stop calling. if everybody did that the auto teller marketers would stop.

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