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Need help for Digital Multimeter DT-9205A+

Guest Digonto

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Guest Digonto

Today I have bought a digital Multimeter "Yan Xun DT-9205A+" . But there is a manual with this product is written in ching-chong language . :-X

Here is the website of this Digital Multimeter :

I need a English manual of this DT-9205A+ model . If anyone have this english manual then please share with me .....  :'(

At the very opening day - I have faced a problem to measure Ampere . This Multimeter can read upto 20A . Firstly I move the knob of meter to 20A and Put the Red Probe to 20A hole and Black Probe was in COM hole . Then I was measuring ampere of a 6V 4.5Ah Battery , But I am shocked - The meter was showing 11.93 . :o That means 11.93 Ampere . But the battery is 4.5A . If the battery is 4.5Ah then why it is showing 11.93 ampere ?  ???

Again I was measuring a mobile battery which is 1200mAh . So, I set the meter for 20A measuring . But this time meter is not showing anything . It is showing 0.00 digit . But the battery is good one . It should show at least 1.2 . Instead of this it is showing 0.00 . Why it is showing so ?? Is there anything going to wrong way to measure ampere ??

There is a button marked "DH" . Why this "DH" button for ?? I pressed it several times but nothing changes .  :-\ And are there any Caution for me in using Digital multimeter ??

Please help me and plz share a english manual of this DT-9205A+ series .

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I also have such a meter.  Be careful becasue it is not very reliable, especially the higher value readings. The reading are usually higher than real, e.g. a reading of the voltage of an ordinary battery gives almost 2 volts not anywhere near 1.5 volts.  Even the resistance and current readings are off mark.  the higher readings are totally wrong.
I would be much obliged if someone could indicate how to calibrate this meter.  I have dowloaded the circuit diagram, but it is not easy to see how to calibrate.  Also be careful not to exceed the voltage reading because it will burn out immediately.

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