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data transmmition with laser pointer

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i have laser pointer (use in presentation) and i want to transmit data up to 1meter (zero and one logical method ) , with receiver sensor. for first in this issue i need circuit for amplify signal (fast switching) in receiver. look at this schematic !!
i know how can i make signal in transmitter with micro controller but i have problem with using 2pin receiver sensor.
if you have any idea for amplify signal in receiver circuit? 


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yes perfectly you can transfer data from laser pointer up to 10 meters also by using the laser of low beam width by using the high response devices in the receiver circuit you can achieve high speed and by using high gain amplifier you can raise the level of the output to the peak level

in the transmitting stage the program for converting the asii to binary is needed you should use the keyboard interface by the RS 232 socket by giving input in ASII code it will convert into binary digits then the output is connected to the laser 

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