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Open hardware solar power generator for developing countries


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In 5 days I'm going to Uganda. We 're going to set up a small hospital in rural village on a mountain about 4500km alt. The major problem about infrastructure there is that there is no power supply. Because of this there is no refrigerator to store medicines, the microscope I just bought will work only until it's battery is discharged, and the people there are totally disconnected from the rest of the world. And because there are many places like this in these countries, it came to me that if I could install a solar panel and a rectifier/battery charger/inverter in the so called hospital (actually it's more like a small warehouse right now) and an other one in the so called school something good might come out.
And because founding is the major issue in these things, I was thinking I (we) could design something on CC licence that could cost 1/10th of market prices and anyone that wants to help in places like this could build with drawing already published.
The solution might be something like [cheap solar cells - 12V car batteries - custom circuit]. Who knows? Maybe later we figure out how to make solar cells by ourselves and don't even have to buy these.

So, what do you think?


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Dear Konstantinos Hi

Designing/installing/maintaining solar panels is not a big deal. It simple idea as you know you need some square feets of solar panels,  1 or 2 batteries, and a electronics board to control the system. I would like to give following advise to you:

1.The requirement of solar panels would depend upon how many batteries do you have and how much backup you want.
2.As far as control circuit is concerned you can download it form any electronics circuit site like electronicsforu.com or discovercircuits.com
3. 3rd one I would like to suggest you use LED lighting instead of conventional lights I would save over 85% of power.

for any other information feel free to contact me @ Email removed and phone number by moderator, please use the forum for responding to help requests.

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One resource for information on systems installed in isolated areas with basic system data, but not detailed schematics, is Home Power Magazine. Lots of discussion and examples of system design and capacity calculation.

They offer CDs of multiple years of back issues on each.  I certainly do not speak for the publisher, but perhaps you can appeal for a free set of CDs.


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Guest remonx6

Thinking that u have to do make a Solar panel IPS because u r in remote and mountain area. u have to depend on solar technology like NASA. if u want to make a Solar panel something else first u search some solar panel and setup circuit board.

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