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Interfacing hall-effect sensor to embedded CPU

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I'm trying to interface an Allegro A1360 half-effect sensor to a TI MSP430 CPU.

The A1360 is a 5V device whilst the MSP430 operates from a 1.8V to 3.6V supply. The MSP430 has onboard ADC, but the analog input pins have an absolute max rating of VCC + 0.3V.

I have both 3.3V and 5V regulators on my PCB design and I'm assuming that I'll need some opamps or something to interface between the MSP430 CPU and the A1360 sensor.

I'm still fairly new to electronics design and I'm looking for advice as to a good way to interface these two devices.

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Hi stube40,

the question is: Do you really need a programmable Hall sensor for your application?

The most simple way is using 3 pin hall sensor the same way as you would use any input from a button or switch.

Check out the TLE4905 if it fits your needs.

The TLE4905 switches output to ground (L) if pulled up by a 10KOhm resistor as soon as the south pole of a magnet gets into the magnetic sensitive field.


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