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Follow up "How to rebuild a Li-Ion battery pack"

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After read "How to rebuild a Li-Ion battery pack", I'd like to ask:

1. Is it possible to increase capacity, for example, use 2200mAh cell instead of 1300mAh?

2. or add another layer of 1300mAh, to 3900mAh?

In either situation, can the laptop recognize new capacity?


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I suspect, both software and hardware come into play as far as answering this is concerned.  If its a relatively "dumb" circuit, it may simply function as long as adequate power levels exist.  If its "pickier", it might want to register a certain predefined module that has particular attributes as far as the software is concerned.  Unrecognized modules may not function at all.  And again you may have trouble if the attached circuitry wasn't built to handle modifications.

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