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Putting a light in my closet


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I want to put a light in my closet which is very dark. My biggest question at this time is where would I connect this circuit to mains power? I have an outlet right by the area that I would like to put the circuit so could I just attach the wires to the contacts on the outlet or would I need to put all the wires to a box? Another question is how to get the wires to the places they should go. I don't really want to tear up my entire room just to get this light put in. Thanks for any input and have a great day.

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There are numerous ways of physically doing the job, but where homes are concerned there are certain regulations you should follow.  Most of them are not just nonsense legal crud either, they are for your safety as well.  When it comes to wiring in your home, you should always do it the right way; the safe way.  Always shutdown all power at the breaker/fuse box prior to opening or working on anything.  Double check with a standard tester that there is no power at the site you are working on.  If you don't have special equipment a small lamp is a reliable way to test as well, as far as outlets are concerned.  You should use properly rated wires, with the correct types of insulation (there is different codes as well as rating).  Conduit is often recommended for running wires, and surface mount is available (again check regional codes and regulations to ensure you are complying).  Use the correct types of electrical boxes and fixtures for your project as well.  Many Home Improvement centers will have knowledgeable individuals available to help you select the right components for your area.  If a lot of this sounds too involved for you wants, there are a variety of inexpensive LED type lights that are powered by batteries and are as easy to install as a few screws or even some adhesive and velcro.  If I can be of any further help, please feel free to ask. :)

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Yes, follow the regulations which is different, depending on you location. Here in the UK you'll need a fused spur which is just a little box with a fuse inside it and is replaceable without switching off the main breaker. The cable run to the spur from the has to be the same size as the cable wired to the socket from the breaker and The cable to the light depends on the fuse in the spur which should be labelled. For a light, the 0.5mm2 will do and the fuse should be 3A.

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