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I am interested in developing an android powered device.  I know many people are going to say you will never do that blah blah... just bare with me, I'm determined, your ranting wont do any good.  I am confident in my abilities as a coder to alter the android OS to work with my device.  However, I don't even know what the specifications are for a motherboard or where to start.  There are 100000 different ways you could hook up thinks like memory and a camera to a ARMv7 cpu.  Does anyone have any idea of what the hardware requirements are or where I should start.  Because not all of those 1000000 combos will work with the code.  There must be some sort of requirements out there

Thank you


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ok, ok. We got it. It's not that difficult anyway. ARM processors are your best bet, I believe. Cortex M3, A7 and A9 will all do fine. Buy a development board either from a processor manufacturer (atmel, nxp, ti, nxp etc.) or an other vendor like olimex, keil iar etc. When your software is ready, copy the schematic of the dev. board you used and add or remove features accordingly.


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Ok im glad you get it :) ive searched those sites for a "development board"

are you talking about just a plain bread board? or are there ARM specific development boards?  Also could you supply me with a link to what your talking about.

Finally do you know where I could buy an a9 ARM chip?

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Take a look here
and here
see "SAM9-L9261" under "ARM" category on the left.
For buying stuff, depending on where you live, check Distrelec, Digikey, Mouser, Element14, Farnel or RS components.
Also check ebay for some cheap (chinese) development boards though I wouldn't recommend them as a first project solution.
google is your F1...

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