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Noise Canceling Headphone


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      Today, 07:00 AM
Good day to everyone
im a newbie here
and i just want to ask on how to
make a Noise canceling Headphone
that is not too expensive
Im going to use it in my project

My project is to make a a hearing test device
that does not need an assistance of a specialist/doctor
Based on my research, doctors used a sound proof room
to avoid noise interference
and my idea is to make a headphone that can eliminate noise

I also want to ask if you know programs like MatLab
that produces a sound with an accurate frequency
that is not PC based and can be used without PC

I dont know if i could use a micro controller

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On the internet there are a few projects for noise cancelling headphones. They glue electret mics to the outside of each earphone and have an amplifier and mixer circuit to electronically cancel outside noise.

You need a hearing specialist (or common sense) to determine which frequencies are not sensitive enough for a deaf patient. Then you must program a circuit or design it so that it amplifies only some frequencies.

If you amplify some frequencies too much then you will destroy what remains of the hearing of a deaf person. 

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