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Step Up Battery Voltage Problem


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Good Day Sirs

I would like to ask for consultation to everyone who will be able to help me with my problem

i made an adjustable stepup voltage dc to dc converter, i was able reach my desired voltage but the problem is, i think it does not supply enough power, so even if i setup the voltage to 6volts once i plug in the device to the circuit the 6volts output drops to like 3+volts? can anyone help me with this? by the way here is the attached pic of the diagram i made using the lm2577


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is there by any chance that the circuit be tweaked so it can handle load that big?

No. Your output current is much too high and your input voltage is too low.

maybe i have to replace the stepup regulator?

Select a more powerful stepup regulator that works with your low input voltage.
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sir audioguru, thank you very much for the patience in answering all of my questions, truly you are a wonderful asset her in electronicslab community=) muah muah=O

will this regulator do?

MAX1709 Description
4A, Low-Noise, High-Frequency, Step-Up DC-DC Converter

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