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Sourcing hall effect current sensor from Honeywell Sensing and Control


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I've managed to find a really nice hall-effect type linear current sensor package from Honeywell Sensing and Control.

Its the CS series and has the hall-effect sensor embedded into a ring-concentrator, all in a nice package.

Trouble is - I'm having trouble finding anywhere that can get me one.

Digikey have one model from the range for $21 - the CSLA2CD, but unfortunately it's not the CSLA2EN one I'm after. They have none available anyway.

RAMELEC can't get me any for 3 weeks and they want a whopping $190 each!! If I am prepared to wait 10 weeks and order 50 then I can have them for a more reasonable $31 each. Thanks for nothing RAMELEC!

Does anyone have any tips on where else I might try?

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