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SPICE Model Schottky Diode


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ello all,

Would gladly appreciate if you could assist me. I have recently bought a Schottky Diode Toshiba CRS08 (Q) and I'm trying to run simulation before building it. However, the simulation programme that I'm using: Multisim doesnt have this component in its database. To add in new component, I need to load the SPICE parameters in but I do not have such information (I have asked from the supplier).

In order for me to proceed, I know I'll need to manually extract the SPICE parameters. I use the Rectifier Applications Handbook from ON Semiconductor.

To extract the RS data, the formula given is (from the rectifier application handbook page 56):

RS = { (VF2-VF1) + (VF1-VF3)[( 1n(ID1/ID2) / 1n(ID1/ID2)] } / { (ID2-ID1) + (ID1-ID3)[( 1n(ID1/ID2) / 1n(ID1/ID2)] }

I can't seem to get what the 1n means. Can anyone help me here or can suggest to me an alternative solution. I have limited time to learn a new software as this is my final year project.


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