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NEED HELP - simple project, DIY or will HIRE too.

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I've soldered here and there, radio shack stuff.

I need to build a camera shutter release with a timer, in a project box.

I want to have, assembled in a project box, (1) a lit, arcade button (2) a large single digit, 7-segment display (3) a 1/8 female jack

I want to be able to push the button, led display counts from 5 to zero, then activates a momentary switch thru the female jack, start again.

basically this is for a photobooth setup.

I want to be able to buy mostly modules that can be put together so I don't start entirely from scratch. The timer component for instance.

If you are willing to build this for me I will pay you. But it has to look nice and clean.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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