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Help needed desperately with DS2711 - NiMH Batt.Charger IC !


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Hi everybody, and Merry Christmas!

Has anyone made ​​a battery charger with DS2711 chip? If so, please, tell me:
1) I intend to make a parallel circuit as in page#7 of datasheet (see attachment) - what transistors can I use instead of FCX718 - I prefer non-SMD transistors that can handle, say, 1Amp of current (2-3 A even better)?
2) Can I use other type of thermistors, like <http://www.futurlec.com/Thermistors.shtml> from futurlec.com (with same 10kOhm value, of course)?
3) What to do with "ICHG" and "IFB"? I assume that ICHG is for connecting power for charging batteries - is 5V sufficient (for 2 bat. in parallel)? IFB is tied to CSOUT pin of IC - how can I use it? Can it stay "floating"? As it is "Current Sense Output" maybe this pin outputs some feedback voltage that can be processed with some MPU or so?
4) Can I use wirewound sense resistor and what power should it have?

Thanks in advance!


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