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MPIC2130 Datasheet


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MPIC2130 Datasheet

Edited by (http://www.seekic.com ),the leading IC purchasers' best choice of platform for one-stop valued service!

The MPIC2130 is a high voltage, high speed, power MOSFET and IGBT driver ith three independent high side and low side referenced output channels for 朠hase applications. Proprietary HVIC technology enables ruggedized monolithic onstruction. Logic inputs are compatible with 5 V CMOS or LSTTL outputs. A round referenced operational amplifier provides an analog feedback of bridge urrent via an external current sense resistor. A current trip function which terminates ll six outputs is also derived from this resistor. An open drain FAULT signal s provided to indicate that an over朿urrent or undervoltage shutdown has occurred. he output drivers feature a high pulse current buffer stage designed for inimum driver cross朿onduction. Propagation delays are matched to simplify use in high frequency applications. The floating channels can be used to drive N朿hannel power MOSFET or IGBT抯 in the high side configuration which operate from 10 to 600 volts.

The above info is from ( http://www.seekic.com )

?Floating Channel Designed for Bootstrap Operation
?Fully Operational to +600 V
?Tolerant to Negative Transient Voltage
?dV/dt Immune
?Gate Drive Supply Range from 10 to 20 V
?Undervoltage Lockout for All Channels
?Over朿urrent Shut Down Turns Off All Six Drivers
?Independent Half朾ridge Drivers
?Matched Propagation Delay for All Channels
?Outputs Out of Phase with Inputs

The above info is from (www.seekic.com)
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