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job offer - small stepper motor driver w/RTC

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I need a (what I assume is) fairly simple circuit that can drive a small stepper motor.  By small, I mean something like this:

400mA @ 12V max.

This would be placed in a clock, so it would need to use a crystal/oscillator of some sort to keep accurate time. 

I would need it to rotate the motor at a specific speed(s), something along the lines of 3 Rev/Hour.  If this speed could be adjusted in specific increments, that would be great, but a fixed speed would be acceptable. 

Input voltage would be up to you, but something in the 6~12 vdc range would be ideal.

I am currently using geared AC synchronous motors for this application, but it less than ideal since they won't work properly internationally.

http://www.chainclocks.com for a practical view.

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