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IR repeater ove cat6e cable

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I have a tv and pc in my shed about 30m from the house, i setup originally cat6e network for the computer and then later changed to wireless, i now have a cable running the length from the shed to the house near my home ent setup.

i have a tv in the shed i would like to watch footy on foxtel (satellite) but struggle with the remote.
is there a way to setup a good quality ir repeater using the existing Ethernet cable so i can use different remotes ie if i wanted to put on a movie while i work playing on on the dvd i can just take the dvd remote or same for foxtel.

any schematics would be appreciated as im a novice.
I dont want a dodge one thats intermittent or changes the code and does the wrong button presses as i purchased a cheapo china one that was weak and also you press volume up and it would send the tv chan down???

thanks in advance.

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