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where to find bright SMD LEDs

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Hi all,

I'm new here :)

I've been flying model airplanes for a couple of years now, and have gotten quite good at adding navlights for night flying. For ages I was getting these really good LEDs in a T10 globe holder made as colored car parking lights, but lately I've they seem to have been replaced by might lower powered, dimmer alternatives. I've tried many different ebay sellers now, and wholesalers, and have found that the older style really bright T10 lights must not be in production anymore. i've decided that my best bet might be to source the SMD component myself and make my own light from it.

These are the lights that are advertised here:

note the large size of the light emitting panels in the middle of the SMD.

These are the lights i've been getting sent lately- I now have about 50 that I've been refunded for, because they did not send me what was advertised. Shown in some of the pics are the high powered lights next to the 'inferior' ones:
[img width=680 height=425]
[img width=680 height=425]
See how on these 'inferior' leds I keep being sent the light emitting cells are more like a pinprick.

Here's a pic of the SMDs on their own:
[img width=680 height=510]

Is anyone able to help me with where I might be able to track down some more of these really bright SMD panels? Even the information on exactly what this type of SMD cell is called would be useful.

thanks heaps!

(oh, and here's a pic of one of my planes with the LEDs on it)

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They're not surface mount LEDs but through hole and the sopts you're talking about are the semiconductor LED dies themselves.

How much current do the LEDs draw?

You could build a tiny PCB with resistors and SMT LEDs but the trouble is building a nice convenient package for it.

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