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LC and Oscillators


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How can he provide such an in-depth answer without the schematic? That's impressive.   ::)

What sort of LC oscillator are you talking about?

There are many configurations. The only thing you hint at, is you're using a BJT.

Here are some examples:


In all circuits, the base is connected to the LC tank in some way, perhaps that should give you a clue.

If you want a decent answer, post the schematic.

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Another aspect with these oscillators is the series capacitor inductor in parallel with the inductor. Not being a parallel LC means that the resonant frequency is not 1/(2pi x sqrt LC). The capacitive reactance does not equal the inductive reactance as it does in a resonant parallel LC. However, the reactance of the inductors will be equal at any frequency with a center-tapped transformer.

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