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Orcad layout net and padstack width

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Hi every one

I am designing PCBs of analog/digital circuits in Orcad layout and facing problems in selection of different parameters like Nets, padstack sizes etc. Like if a net carries currnet of 1 amp, what should be its width/height? What should be optimal size of net/padstack for digital and analog signals?
Is there some helping material which could guide me to select optimal parameters for my PCBs?

Best Regards

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Hi, Ist tell which orcad version are you using. There is book avilable for solving such types of problem in Orcad. It is written by Kreig Mitzner having title " Complete PCB design using orcad capture and layout".

The same writer has another book written for v16.0 "Complete PCB Design Using OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor".
These books coveres almost all types of topics related to software and designing PCB (editing padstack, defining constratints, track width etc etc).

Also there are many types of online calculators available for track width calculations.

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