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Bluetooth profiles

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Hello all,

I have decided to set before me a little challenge - to make a simple device (for starters only LED toggling will be enough) which could be controlled by any of the Bluetooth capable smart phones on the market these days. After quite some digging around on the internet a lot of things on the subject became clear to me but at the end, like after any good knowledge hunting, I was left with more questions than I started with.  :) That is why I turned to this forum for help. I will be very grateful for any help anyone can offer in answering these questions. And here they are:

  • Is there a Bluetooth profile out there which is supported by all smartphones which are advertised as Bluetooth capable? One would imagine that with Bluetooth SIG with over 12k members and interoperability as one of their main goals keeping an eye over Bluetooth implementation on devices everywhere, a profile supported by all Bluetooth capable smart phones should exist.
  • Is OBEX perhaps such a profile? Well actually, the way I understand it, OBEX is a protocol on which some profiles (FTP, OPP) are based am I right? Supporting this protocol is what makes file transfers possible between mobile phones, right? And since all mobile phones support that, OBEX seems like a promising candidate for a "smart phone universal Profile" does it not?
  • I've noticed, that most Bluetooth modules support multiple profiles. This is promising. If there is no common profile for smart phones, one could just check the 2 or 3 most common ones to see if any of the nearby mobile phones uses them and chose the one which the mobile phone uses. Is this as simple as it sounds? Does it even sound simple? :) Do the Bluetooth modules have to be reflashed to change profile or is it all in one stack?
  • Naturally the most commonly used Bluetooth profiles in smart phones are the ones intended for wireless audio link (HSP,A2DP,...). Would it be possible to use one of those profiles to transfer arbitrary data which would in the end not amount to sound? Could that cause any problems with the Bluetooth SIG or any legal problems? Although until everything stays "in the garage" I guess only the technical problems are to fear if they exist.
  • If the answer to the first question is no than I have one more: Does anyone have an idea how to make a Bluetooth capable device connectable to almost all (if not all) Bluetooth capable smart phones out there?
  • Any advice on which Bluetooth RF modules to look at will also be greatly appreciated. So far this one is looking good:

I would like to express my gratitude and thank everyone in advance for any help in answering the questions above.

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