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LOW -PASS filter for cleaner AC power supply


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Hi all,
I came across the advertisement about Pangea P-100 powersupply for cambridge audio 640P phonostage. The manufacturer claims that it make the DACs/phonostages sounds better by incorporating a LOW-PASS filter at 12VAC output from this PSU.It also has DC supply but it is the AC out that the manufacturer claim about.It is about 100USD in Amazon. I am planning to DIY if there is any such possibility of a better powersupply excist.
The PSU that comes with this phonoamp is only 12 VAC ,500mAmp.Many claims using higher current rated powersource made this phonostage sound better.Is it possible at least in theory?I donot want to spend half of what I paid for the device, to buy a PSU if its not going to change anything.
This PSU is getting really hot during operation so I doubt the phonostage is making the PSU to struggle meeting its demands ;D!

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