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old pasco SE-7981/SE-7985 G/M detector .


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hey all ,

i noticed some GM activity in these forums while searching for some information .

i was asked by a high school teacher to look at a gm counter .
finding any information about these units has been limited .
the led "activity indicator" is toast but the gm tube and hv are ok ...
this was confirmed by placing an AM radio near the unit and exposing the tube to a source .
replacing the led and (possibly) repairing the counter/scaler circuits would be straight forward .
a schematic would be nice to have .

the other side of this is the software that was in the kit ... it is written for the apple II series (i did say it was old) .
the original interface adapters are still with the kit .
does anyone know of more modern software (say XP or ubuntu) that will work with this unit ?
it looks to be a serial type ... one of the connectors/adapters is a 1/4" RTS , two others are sub-din (along the lines of a monitor plug/jack) .

thanks for any information .

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