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help with a relay in 640p phonostage


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I was recapping my cambridge audio Azur 640p (hypnotoad mode)with bipolar capacitors as the initial change. Everything went fine. Then I changed the 100uf capacitors near the regulator ICs as the second step.Everything worked fine for few minutes then no sound from any channels. I looked again and again for polarity change with the 100 uf electrolytics I changed and any issues with regulators.Regulator output is 18.5 +/- volt.
No click heard from relays.After a long day and thoughts I decided to take off the relay.I was not easy. so I have to break it with a small plyer and take it out in parts. The D7 across relay terminals(please see attached circuit) reading 18.5 volt to 20 v using my DMM.The relay is rated for 5 volt. 20 volt across the D7 which essentially is the relay driver voltage bothers me.
Any ideas ?....



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