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Toroidal Transmer

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Guest liquibyte

Good info on transformer winding here: http://ludens.cl/Electron/trafos/trafos.html

Toroidal cores are more efficient but come with their own issues.  It's a deep subject that you'd do better researching on your own instead of asking in a general electronics forum.  Lots of theory and math involved when you get down to core materials and such.

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Guest liquibyte

That file might be useful to a mathematician, not me.  There are easier ways to do core math that are good enough, especially for hobby purposes.  See my original link, the math works for toroids as well as EI cores.  Also see the file http://ludens.cl/Electron/trafos/transformers.xls there.  I've used this to good effect and it's easy to use.

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