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Relay - Pin Numbering ?


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Hi all.

I am a newbie to this forum, and to the world of electronics. I am a Retired Mechanical Engineer, i only took up electronics after my retirement, so please be gentle with me.

I have a CNC machine project on the go at the present, and i would like to install "Fuse condition indication" on the control panel, but i need help with wiring a relay on a PCB.

I wish to use a 3 wire Bi Colour Led, switched by the Relay, NO contacts to Red Led, NC contacts to Green Led, therefore if power is ok Coil will energise and pull in the relay to illuminate the Green Led, if the Fuse fails the Coil is de energised and the Red Led is lt, i have chosen  a Omron G5-1-5VDC relay for the job, can ayone help with the number wiring? i attach my schematic and a drawing of the relay base, i hope someone can help, many thanks in anticipation.





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That should work but you've draw it with the red and green LED the wrong way round. The convention is to show the contacts in the de-energised state.

Why not skip the voltage regulator and buy a relay which can work off 36V in the first place?

Alternatively, you could use a 24V relay and put a resistor in series with it.

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Many thanks for the encouragement and advice, i have altered my drawing.

I have used the LM317 as i have them around in my bit box.

Can you point me to a drawing for the G5V-1-5VDC relay, the pins on the actual component are not numbered, i have calculated i need 5 terminals, Live & Neutral for the coil. 1, Com & 2 outputs, one to each side of the LED. The Relay has 6 pins ?? i'm a little confused. I have scoured the internet, so far with no luck.



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