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Equivalent alternative to N-Channel High Speed Switching MOSFET


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Hi guys!

This is my first post on Electronics Lab.
I am trying to repair my dad's Bernina Deco 600 embroidery machine.
This problem is making me tear my hair out!
I'm looking for an alternative to the Mitsubishi FS3UM-9. Tracking down the original part is darn difficult.
I Googled until my eyes went numb, but I can only find suppliers in China, for orders over 1000+ units. I only need around 10.
What makes it more difficult, is that I'm not in the USA (I'm in South Africa). The suppliers here haven't been much help.

Can anyone suggest an equivalent alternative? Maybe then I can get that from the suppliers.

Here's a link to the datasheet:


I hope that someone here has the expertise (and is willing) to help me.

Thank you in advance!

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According to my transistor equivalents book you can use:
2SK1154, 2SK1244 and 2SK1494
The above can be used if your MOSFET ends with the number "10"... i.e. FS3UM-10
If yours ends in "14A" (i.e. FS3UM-14A) then you can use the following:
2SK1600 or 2SK2603
If your end numbers are 16A or 18A, then there is no replacement except for the exact part.
I hope the above helps.

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