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Digital display + manual counter + automatic lock. Need help.

Guest royalpain88

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Guest royalpain88

Wow. Where do I begin? Well, I have limited knowledge in electronics and more so in circuitry. Yet I am delving into a project that requires some expertise that is beyond my knowledge. I belong to a costuming community and one of my distance projects requires me to have a double digit LED display that is set at a number of 32 and counts down to 0. I am looking for some hardware and wiring diagrams that allows me to do this and a lock that does not allow any further action of the button unless a 2nd button is hit to reset the number back to 32. I looked everywhere on the internet and I can say this is my LAST resort.
I would greatly appreciate it if someone could offer their services in making up a wiring diagram and some tips and I'll do the rest of the dirty work. Thank you again.

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