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Electronics Kit With Arduino and other great components FOR SALE

Guest rimus

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Well organised and labeled, but never used kit worth well over £250. But I'm giving it away for £80. London pick-up only. Drom me an email if interested!

I've taken prices from Maplin's website where I could and I've also attached an invoice from my last component purchase so it gives you an idea of what things are worth as well...

Includes pretty much anything you will ever need:
- Raaco 44 Drawer Organizer Storage Cabinet (Labeled, worth ~£23)
- SparkFun Inventor's Kit with Arduino Uno (Never used, worth ~£45)
- Universal adapter (worth ~£10)
- Various resistors from under 1k to and over 100k
- Diodes
- Capacitors
- Relays (latching/non-latching/dual)
- Chips (see detailed list bellow)
- Various potentiometers
- Various switchers (see detailed list bellow)
- Various 20mm Fuses
- Various LEDs (including RGB and UV)
- Multicoloured patch cords
- Multicoloured croc clips
- Multicoloured jump wires (worth ~£15)
- 3x Aluminium potentiometer knobs
- 3x Power packs (Holds 1AA, 2AA, 4AA batteries)
- Bolts and nuts
- 2x Clip-on leeds
- Antistatic band (worth ~£7)
- Various components (see detailed list bellow)
- Helping Hands with Magnifier (worth ~£12)
- Advanced solderless Breadboard AD-12 (worth ~£14)
- Jump Wire Kit (worth ~£17)
- Various voltage regulators
- Various transistors
- Circuit board (worth ~£6)

- 1x Decade counter 4026
- 4x Timer 555
- 1x 74HC32
- 1x 74HC595
- 2x SIS-2 REV 4
- 1x 74HC04
- 2x 74HC00

- 2x Toggle on-on
- 1x Toggle on-off-(on)
- 2x Toggle (on)-off-(on)
- 2x Tactile
- 2x Tactile Large
- 1x Push off-(on)
- 1x Push on-on
- 2x Push on-(off)

- Softpot potentiometers
- Flex sensor
- Infrared Keychain Remote Control
- Stepper motor with cable
- Vibration motor
- Mini servo
- 2x 20mm fuse holders
- 1x EPIR
- 1x 1.5-3V motor
- 1x mini motor
- Speaker
- Piezo buzzer
- 2x Piezo elements
- 2x IR receiver diodes
- 1x Photo resistor
- 1x mini tilt switch




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