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mpu6050 dmp

Guest oldboy151

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Guest oldboy151

What do you mean by dmp? Have you searched for the datasheet using a search engine?
i mean how to use the mpu6050's dmp.i have too much question about these functions'fuction in the code.
void get_ms(unsigned long *time);
/* Set up functions. */
int dmp_load_motion_driver_firmware(void);
int dmp_set_fifo_rate(unsigned short rate);
int dmp_get_fifo_rate(unsigned short *rate);
int dmp_enable_feature(unsigned short mask);
int dmp_get_enabled_features(unsigned short *mask);
int dmp_set_interrupt_mode(unsigned char mode);
int dmp_set_orientation(unsigned short orient);
int dmp_set_gyro_bias(long *bias);
int dmp_set_accel_bias(long *bias);

/* Tap functions. */
int dmp_register_tap_cb(void (*func)(unsigned char, unsigned char));
int dmp_set_tap_thresh(unsigned char axis, unsigned short thresh);
int dmp_set_tap_axes(unsigned char axis);
int dmp_set_tap_count(unsigned char min_taps);
int dmp_set_tap_time(unsigned short time);
int dmp_set_tap_time_multi(unsigned short time);
int dmp_set_shake_reject_thresh(long sf, unsigned short thresh);
int dmp_set_shake_reject_time(unsigned short time);
int dmp_set_shake_reject_timeout(unsigned short time);

/* Android orientation functions. */
int dmp_register_android_orient_cb(void (*func)(unsigned char));

/* LP quaternion functions. */
int dmp_enable_lp_quat(unsigned char enable);
int dmp_enable_6x_lp_quat(unsigned char enable);

/* Pedometer functions. */
int dmp_get_pedometer_step_count(unsigned long *count);
int dmp_set_pedometer_step_count(unsigned long count);
int dmp_get_pedometer_walk_time(unsigned long *time);
int dmp_set_pedometer_walk_time(unsigned long time);

/* DMP gyro calibration functions. */
int dmp_enable_gyro_cal(unsigned char enable);

/* Read function. This function should be called whenever the MPU interrupt is
* detected.
int dmp_read_fifo(short *gyro, short *accel, long *quat,
    unsigned long *timestamp, short *sensors, unsigned char *more);
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