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CPLD , FPGA , PAL OR GAL working with 12 volts I/O voltage...

Guest amir_mhdi

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Guest amir_mhdi

Hi to all
Do you know CPLD , FPGA , PAL OR GAL that working with 12v IO pins?
I want to design digital circuit with "shift register" and "Latch" and "XOR" with 12v output voltage.
I design this circuit in discrete mode.I want to pack this circuit to an IC.
Can you help me?
Thanks to all

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I don't know much about programmable logic.

All I know is PLDs tend to operate from a lower voltage than 12V so you need a regulator such as the LM78L05 for the logic. You'll also need level shifting and buffering on the output to boost the logic levels to 12V. The logic inputs can be connected to the 12V inputs using potential dividers to lower the voltage.

An IC such as the CD40109 or CD4504 can be used to translate the 5V output to 12V.

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