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building Hi-fi speakers

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so for the past 5 years i've been putting up with my lousy PC speakers that i bought from a thrift store. i've always wanted to replace them, both for reasons of better music listening and that it doesn't match with my overall black PC.

i also want a long term device so i've always had my eye on high end speakers. the problem is, the good ones come in hundreds of dollars. so to save money and since i've always wanted to design my own sound system, i'm think i'm gonna build myself one step by step.

i don't need a surround sound, quadraphonic must the most i'm gonna be stretching with the system (probably). but i'm gonna at least be having stereophonic speakers (with tweeters and mid range speaker in one enclosure) and a single sub-woofer. 40W is probably good enough for me and they should be able to plug in to S/PDIF, HDMI and 3.5mm (for portability... or maybe just use external adapters, i don't know...). since the 2 PAIR of tweeters and mid range speakers are gonna be sharing the same input, at least, i was thinking of having an active crossover inside the enclosure that separates the high frequency (2,000-20,000 Hz) and the mid-range frequency (300-5000 Hz), with very, very, very little loss of quality, then feed them to 2 pairs of amplifiers (high range and mid-range) to more accurately cover the range. the subwoofer would be in a bigger and separate enclosure, also able to take S/PDIF, HDMI and 3.5mm, but filter in only the 40-1000Hz range).

i've never done anything like this steeped in audio electronics. so with "step-by-step" i meant that i just want, for now, to assemble the tweeters drivers and the amplifiers for it. i'll put the assembly in a small temporary enclosure, road test it for a few weeks. when i'm satisfied with it AND if i have the time, i'll assemble the mid-range speaker, it's amplifier and also the crossover that separates the high and mid frequencies. then the enclosure for the whole thing (i'll handle picking the correct enclosure design... gonna be hanging around diy audio forums for a while, then on to some carpentry). then i'll get on to assembling the sub-woofer after that.

i'm doing this because it's something i can do incrementally and modify if on the way i change my specs. also, i'm not too big on dishing out big bucks then do the whole thing in one go.

how does it sound?? realistic?? sound like i'm one of those "just-consumer" guys that think they know audio engineering (i admit i don't) and can build something cheaper for almost the same specs??

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Buy the book I have called Speaker building 101. Two companys in this country I know off specalize
in speakers. Parts Express, MCM Electronics. One of those two companys should still have book and speakers for your project. Google or Yahoo for site address and catalogs, Phone Numbers ect.

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