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Need help identifying this part (motu ultralite mk1)

Guest ortner

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after i connected the DC to my audio interface it started to smell burned, so I opened it up and found that this part was burned. I'm looking for the part and see if I can replace it myself.

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I think I know what caused it to burn, it was a faulty AC adapter. Because that burned too.
What else could have caused it? Nothing else seems burned or broken on the circuit. But I'f im going to search for a short circuit, is there a guide somewhere on how to do it? I guess I will use my multimeter for it?

I'm a total newbie, but the interface is so old, and the cost to take it to a repair shop is far more than buying a used one on ebay, so I figure that I should give it my best shot :)

And the part is not that tiny, its like 10x7mm i think.


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