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Laser Based Speed Sesor Circuit...HELP!

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I can pay you for your time on this project, just give me a quote.
I need some help for a speed sensor project I am doing. My plan is to have a laser pointed at a sensor at "Point A" and another laser and sensor at "Point B". The objective is to start a clock mechanism when the beam is interrupted at "Point A", and then stop the clocking when the object passes through the laser at "Point B". I then need this device to calculate the speed (in mph) based on that time and display the number on a LED number display. The distance between "Point A" and "Point B" will be 1 inch. The max speed of the object passing through the lasers is about 150mph. I assumed there would be existing circuits I could buy online but I can not find anything so I am trying to build my own. I have limited electronics experience so if you have a solution, please sketch me a rough schematic and details about the chips a other elements I will need and a price quote for your time. THANKS!!!

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You've been asked questions because you haven't provided enough information. No one will be able to do what you want regardless of how much money you pay them, unless you provide them with a detailed specification of what you want and are able to answer the appropriate questions.

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